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Imagery and Humanness

New technologies have evolved and developed over the years in various fields and so it is in the world of music.


However, Asada sticks to the piano and drum performance that is simple yet colorful and full of humanness. No complicating techniques or electronic performance. What Asada aims to do is to create the imagery with real sounds with his emotions directly put into improvisation.


Here are samples of Asada’s performance. Nostalgic and new, with emotions such as love, sorrow, and the joy of living: 

Improvisation Piano Concerts

Improvisation Piano BGMs for Various Occasions


Solo Piano Album

For corporate

For concerts (for kids, elderlies, etc.), performance at weddings and funerals (recorded or live), BGM compositions, etc., please feel free to contact us. Asada will provide you with the music that matches your needs.


Improvisation Piano Concerts for Kids

Participatory type events also possible.


Improvisation Piano Concerts for Students

Lecture on the “Possibility of Music” also available.


Improvisation Piano Concerts for Elderlies

Music that matches their needs which include fun activities for dementia and depression.



Creating music for certain scenes and lines are also possible.